The Soul of Taramani Lyrics – Taramani

Updated on October 30th, 2017

Song Name : The Soul of Taramani
Singer :Andrea Jeremiah
Starring: Andrea Jeremiah, Vasanth Ravi, Anjali
Lyricist : Na.Muthukumar

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After Its Over
I Would Like To Be Friends
Am I Being Stupid
Or Is This The End

You Could Have Told Me
What You Had In Mind
Please Dont Desert Me
Because I Wont Survive.

After Its Over
Just Wont Be The Same
So Lets Keep Pretending
That Nothing Is Changed

It Doesnt Matter
Whatever You Have Done.
This Cant Be Over
We Just Be Cant

I Would Like To Leave You

But Where Would I Go
Dont Want To Beleive You
But What Do I Know.

After Its Over
I’ll Smile Again
Am I Being Stupid
Or Is This Really The End



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