Movie stars- Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush.

Directed by R. Balakrishnan.

Ishq E Fillum Lyrics

Ishq e fillum
Junoon e fillum
Hai dardh fillum
Dawa hai fillum

Duaa hai fillum
Jumma jumma jahaaz fillum
Hansi khushi ka hai raaz fillum
Hai naaz e hai

Zindagi ka ribaab phillum
Hum sabhi aur yaad hai phillam
Jaan fillam mein ho
Rooh fillum main ho

Salaam e phillum.. (x4)

Ishq e phillum … (repeat verse)

Salaam e fillum.. (x4)

Chaal phillum hai dhaal fillum
Hai fully phillum hai yeh adaa
Baal phillum hai haal fillum
Hai fully fillam hai yeh fizaa
Aankh phillum hai naak phillam hai
Fully phillum hai saans bhi
Shakl phillum hai akal phillum hai
Fully phillum hai aks bhi

Nas mein fillam, rag mein phillum
Poori phillum
Ho ho zakhm phillam aur marham
Only phillum
Jeena kaise jeena phillum bina bina
Shukra khuda ka phillum hai na hai na

Salaam e phillum.. (x4)

Ishq e phillum … (repeat verse)

Salaam e phillum.. (x4)

Pyar fillam hai maar fillum hai
Fully phillum ki hai hawa
Yaar fillum hai vaar fillam hai
Fully fillum ka hai nasha

School phillum hai class fillum hai
Fully phillum hai gyan bhi
Khel phillum hai ball fillum hai
Fully phillum maidan bhi
U hai phillum blue hai fillum
A hai phillum

Ho ho bhookh hai phillum
Pyas hai phillum only phillum
Jeena nahi jeena phillum bina bina
Khuda ka bhi kehna phillum hai na, hai na
Salaam e phillum.. (x4)

Ishq e phillum… (repeat verse)

Salaam e phillum.. (x4)



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